Maria Kapteijns

This is a series of prints, depicting people walking behind each other with varying distances, coming closer, thereafter making more distance, moving on and on with their life, with the route they started, walking and walking, just going on, as if we live in a world in which everybody is drifting.

The prints I made in 2018, 27 in total, all ad up to one picture: an enormous procession of people. Some are dressed up, as if they are going to a fancy dress party or a carnival; some are dragging suitcases with them. It’s like the city has turned into a décor, a theatre stage on which the inhabits were performing, just before they all left the scene.

This work is inspired by an exhibition in the Van Abbemuseum: Qiu Zhije showed two beautiful Lantern Scrolls: a very old one and his own version, both depicting scenes of daily urban life as well as people celebrating the Lantern Festival. Besides that I was also influenced by the Apocalypse Tapestry in Angers (France), a 100 m long tapestry, depicting the last book of the Bible. So my own scroll or tapestry took shape with these wonderful works in the background. A festival and the Apocalypse, based on pictures I made in Eindhoven during the Carnival, a football victory (PSV got the Championship) and Kings Day. All festivals for which people get dressed up. The pictures I make as an inspiration are always made just outside the party itself ( the hours before or after; the streets on route to the ‘place to be’, like that).